Our German heritage and brand longevity are two primary reasons Christian Moerlein exists today. To reflect this, we felt the need to take it back to our roots and created a clean, unique look, which pays homage to Christian Moerlein and the German beers that help build Cincinnati.

Why did we change the Moerlein product lineup?

We wanted to go back to the roots of the Christian Moerlein brand and have pivoted to making only German beers. This is what the founder Christian Moerlein made and we are proud to continue his legacy. We will offer an everyday traditional Lager made with malted barley, noble hops and pure water which adheres to the German rheinheitsgebot standard. We will also offer a seasonal German beer throughout the year.

How are these new beers being packaged?

We have 6-packs in standard 12 oz. cans of Lager and Seasonal beers. The beers are also available on tap.  Check out Our Beers for more details.

Are all the old beers gone forever?

At this point, yes, but don’t completely rule out a return in the future. Some of our legacy beers will be available seasonally at the Moerlein Lager House.

Do you have new merchandise?

Yes! You can check out all of our merch at our merch store here.

Great. I am ready to try your new lineup – where can I buy them?

Check out the Beer Finder to find Moerlein beers. Since our product is new, we always recommend calling your local retailer to ensure the product is in stock before making a trip.

I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?

We’re always happy to help. Please go to our Contact page, fill out the form and we will get back to you quickly.